Working for Robots

The Hidden Laborers Training AI to Keep Ads Off Hateful YouTube Videos

God in the machine: my strange journey into transhumanism

Robot Workers

These Takeout Robots Won’t Wipe Out Delivery Jobs Just Yet

Robot Assistants

Google’s AI Assistant Can Identify Your Voice but Will Still Take Orders from Anyone

Robot Relations

Less of a Machine, More of a Pal

Self-Driving Cars

A Key Piece of Self-Driving Cars Is About to Get a Lot Cheaper

Robot Teachers

Robot tutor Musio makes its retail debut in Japan

Robot Knowledge

Alien Knowledge: When Machines Justify Knowledge

Only human intelligence can solve the AI challenge

Robot Doctors

Treating Addiction with AI

Robot Armies

Plywood Drones Could Help the Marines Safely Deliver Supplies

Tech Expert Warns That AI Could Become “A Fascist’s Dream”

Betteridge’s Law of (Robot-Related) Headlines

Can There Be a Microscope of the Mind?

Audrey Watters


The History of the Future of Intelligent Machines

A Hack Education Project

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