Robot Storytellers

Hubert Dreyfus, preeminent philosopher and AI critic, dies at 87

6 Bots That Deliver Science and Serendipity on Twitter

Robot Mythology

The Myth of a Superhuman AI

AI’s PR Problem

Robot Cars

Apple offers feedback on California’s proposed driverless testing rule changes

Alphabet’s self-driving company is adding 500 more Chrysler minivans to its fleet

Waymo to Offer Phoenix Area Access to Self-Driving Cars

Appearances Suggest That Apple’s Autonomous-Car Endeavor Is Lacking

Uber Executive Steps Back From Self-Driving Cars During Waymo Legal Fight

Waymo Has Invited the Public to Hop into Its Self-Driving Cars

Will Self-Driving Cars Be Better Drivers If They Can Chat with Each Other?

Amazon’s driverless tech team focuses not on building it, but on how to use it

Robot Doctors

AI Predicts Cognitive Decline

Robot Teachers

Meet the People Who Train the Robots (to Do Their Own Jobs)

Raising good robots

Report: Next 4 years will see AI in education grow by nearly 50%

Robot Gamers

Finding Solace in Defeat by Artificial Intelligence

Robot Continuously Connects Tracks to Create an Endless Looping Railroad for a Toy Train

Robot Rules

Federal regulations governing drone use are so far keeping the loftiest fantasies from becoming reality. New rules could change that.

What happens legally if you shoot someone’s drone out of the sky?

Robot Workers

America’s Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Replaced by Robots

Google exec, Mark Cuban agree that these college majors are the most robot-resistant

Robot Gimmicks

Jimmy Fallon Meets Snakebot, Sophia, and the eMotion Butterflies Robots on The Tonight Show

Robot Surveillance

Amazon Wants to Put a Camera and Microphone in Your Bedroom

Flying Robots

DJI’s new FPV goggles let you control your drone with head movements

Flying Robot Weapons

Can DJI’s No-Fly Zone Software Stop ISIS from Weaponizing Drones?

Robot Suffering

Alibaba founder Jack Ma: AI will cause people ‘more pain than happiness’

Racist Robots

FaceApp apologizes for building a racist AI

Robot Filmmakers

How AI is remaking Hollywood

Robot Confusion

This Robot Knows When It’s Confused and Asks for Help

Robot Taxes

Is a “robot tax” really an “innovation penalty”?

Robot Butlers

A Massive New Library of 3-D Images Could Help Your Robot Butler Get Around Your House

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The History of the Future of Intelligent Machines

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