Robot Workers

This chart spells out in black and white just how many jobs will be lost to robots

Education Unbundled: What knowledge will we lose if we automate the professions?

g-reliant skills seem most susceptible to automation

How Education Must Change: Seeking Mission And Purpose In The Jobless Economy

Robot Drivers

Apple Finally Admits It Is Pursuing Technology for Self-Driving Cars

Apple Isn’t as Late to Automated Driving as You Might Think

Robot Parents

“The Brave Little Surveillance Bear” and Other Stories We Tell About Robots Raising Children

Robot Financiers

Meet the Chinese Finance Giant That’s Secretly an AI Company

Robot Cashiers

Amazon’s Move Signals End of Line for Many Cashiers

Robot Recruiters

Companies using AI to find their next employee

Robot Cops

Facebook Will Use Artificial Intelligence to Find Extremist Posts

Facebook Is Enlisting Human Experts and AI to Fight Terrorism

Robot Negotiators

Facebook teaches machines to negotiate with humans

Robot Assistants

New houses will have Alexa and Wi-Fi built into the walls

Your funny, interesting, smart (and humble) best friend Assistant

Wouldn’t You Like Alexa Better if It Knew When It Was Annoying You?

Robot Musicians

This Marimba-Playing Robot Invents Surprisingly Nice Tunes

Robot Pig-Wranglers

AI Agents Learn to Work Together by Wrangling Virtual Swine

Robot Doctors

Goodbye doctors, hello robots

This wriggling worm-bot could be used for colonoscopies one day

Robot Pharmacists

Artificial Intelligence May Discover the Next Blockbuster Drug

Robot Pets

The Robot Dog Fetches for Whom?

Robot Play

Sony’s New toio Wants to Inspire a Future Generation of Robotics Engineers

Cooperating with Robots

The Robot-Human Alliance

Ethically Aligned Design

“General AI”

Forget AlphaGo—DeepMind Has a More Interesting Step Toward General AI

Audrey Watters


The History of the Future of Intelligent Machines

A Hack Education Project

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