Driving Robots

Germany Takes an Ethics Stance on Driverless Cars: Don’t Kill Humans

Inside Waymo’s Secret World for Training Self-Driving Cars

Are the Wheels Coming Off Apple’s Driverless-Car Plans?

Apple Scales Back Its Ambitions for a Self-Driving Car

Some Tesla Engineers Think Autopilot Isn’t Safe

Hackers Are the Real Obstacle for Self-Driving Vehicles

Britain Joins List of Countries Testing Autonomous Trucks

Sexist Robots

Machines Taught by Photos Learn a Sexist View of Women

AI Learns Sexism Just by Studying Photographs

Robot Teachers

Teaching Robots to Learn Teaches the Students Too

Why AI visionary Andrew Ng teaches humans to teach computers

Why Education Is the Hardest Sector of the Economy to Automate

Military Robots

The Future of Military Robotics Looks Like a Nature Documentary

Right-Wing Robots

Pro-Russian Bots Take Up the Right-Wing Cause After Charlottesville

Robot Taxes

San Francisco Will Consider a Tax on Robots

Flying Robots

Zipline Expands Drone Delivery of Medical Supplies

Finally, There’s a Halfway Compelling Consumer Drone Delivery Service

AI Drones Will Help Stop Australian Shark Attacks

Robot Priests

Meet Pepper, Japan’s robot priest that can now conduct funerals

Robots Hacked

Popular Robots Have Been Hacked to Potentially Cause Physical Harm

Warehouse Robots

This Autonomous Forklift Wants to Eat Up Warehouse Jobs

Robot Environmentalists

Climate-Change Research Is Getting a Big Dose of AI

Watch this robotic eel swim about measuring water pollution

Robot Shoppers

Walmart and Google Are Taking On Amazon with AI

Restaurant Robots

Why Chuck E. Cheese’s Is Getting Rid of Those Creepy Robots

Robot Fashion

Amazon Has Developed an AI Fashion Designer

Robot Games

AI’s game

Building Robots

This Small Quantum-Computing Firm Wants to Supercharge AI Startups

Robot Imaginations

DeepMind developing an artificial intelligence with imagination

Robot Skills

17 Alexa Skills That Don’t Need To Exist

Total Robot Surveillance

In the World of Tomorrow, Google Plans to Use AI to Do Everything

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The History of the Future of Intelligent Machines

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