Predicting Robots

The Seven Deadly Sins of AI Predictions

Elon Musk is talking about the Singularity with ‘Rick and Morty,’ and it’s amazing (it's not amazing)

Driving Robots

Take a Test Ride in a Driverless Car

Where Driverless Cars Brake for Golf Carts

Self-Driving Cars in the IoT Age

What Does Autonomy Mean for Supercars?

Robo-Taxis Are Driving Around a Retirement Community, and That’s a Savvy Idea

Flying Robots

DJI’s drones get an offline privacy mode following army concerns over cyber vulnerabilities

DJI launches a privacy mode for its drones after US Army ban

Boeing to acquire Aurora Flight Sciences in bet on autonomous flight

Colleges Are Marketing Drone Pilot Courses, but the Career Opportunities Are Murky

Skydiving Robots

Skydiving robot to capture video of skydivers

Robot Factory Workers

Inside the Adidas Factory That Uses Robots to Build Running Shoes

Robots Repairing Robots

Oracle’s New Database Uses AI to Patch Itself

Robots Hiring Humans

Pymetrics raises $8 million for job-matching with AI and neuroscience games

Robot Teachers

“Eton for all”: will robot teachers mean everyone gets an elite education?

Coming soon to some S.C. classrooms: An army of robots to help autistic students learn social skills

Artificial intelligence is already improving education in small steps

Robots Babysitters

Mattel has canceled plans for a kid-focused AI device that drew privacy concerns

Robot Doctors

An Ambitious Chinese Startup Wants To Know Everything about Your Body

Rescue Robots

This Disaster Robot Would Climb Ladders in the Pouring Rain to Rescue You

Robot Journalism

AI Definitely Didn’t Stop Fake News about the Las Vegas Shooting

Robot Companions

This Headless Robotic Cat Is Coming to Steal All Your Love

Google’s Robots

An Amazing AI Advance Makes Google’s Smart Butler Sound Way Better

Google’s New Gadgets Come With a Big Helping of A.I.

The best hardware, software and AI – together via the Google blog

DeepMind’s New Way to Think About the Brain Could Improve How AI Makes Plans

Google Assistant now has a male voice option

Robots and Everyday Life

Automation in Everyday Life

Robot Bias

Forget Killer Robots – Bias Is the Real AI Danger

Robots and Ethics

DeepMind’s New Ethics Team Wants to Solve AI’s Problems Before They Happen

Machines for the Evasion of Moral Responsibility

Audrey Watters


The History of the Future of Intelligent Machines

A Hack Education Project

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