Robot “Intelligence”

Now There’s an IQ Test for Siri and Friends

Study measuring IQ of various AI puts Google’s at 47.28

Driving Robots

What Does Autonomy Mean for Supercars?

No One Knows What a Self-Driving Car Is, And It’s Becoming a Problem

Nvidia’s New Driverless-Car Computer Crunches 320 Trillion Operations a Second

Robot Trains

GE using AI to build locomotives that think

Teaching Robots

Google created a fun way to learn about simple AI

This Fun AI Tutorial Highlights the Limits of Deep Learning

Put Humans at the Center of AI

Robot Teachers

New AI tool helps teachers tackle math

Robots Raising Children

Growing Up with AI

Robot Toys

Mattel releases biologically inspired foldable robot bugs

Stern little Stormtrooper robot uses AR and facial recognition to help you deal with rebel scum

Robot Assistants

Alibaba Aims to ‘Master the Laws’ of AI and Put Virtual Helpers Everywhere

Robot Pets

This Headless Robotic Cat Is Coming to Steal All Your Love

Robot Pizza

Zume scores $48 million in funding to expand its robotic pizza empire

Robot Wrestlers

OpenAI’s Goofy Sumo-Wrestling Bots Are Smarter Than They Look

Chinese Robots

China’s AI Awakening

Robot Capitalism

Microsoft and Amazon Take On Google in the AI Cloud

Robot Biases

How Copyright Law Can Fix Artificial Intelligence’s Implicit Bias Problem

Theorizing Robots

The robots we deserve by Nicholas Carr

Audrey Watters


The History of the Future of Intelligent Machines

A Hack Education Project

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