Robots Killing Humans

Letting robots kill without human supervision could save lives

Governments urged by artificial intelligence researchers to ban killer robots

Robots Destroying Civilization

Stephen Hawking AI Warning: Artificial Intelligence Could Destroy Civilization

Robot Drivers

The Rev-Up: Imagining a 20% Self-Driving World

Quantifying the driverless startup boom

Driverless Shuttle Gets Hit By A Truck During Its Debut Ride In Las Vegas

Driverless shuttle in Las Vegas gets in fender bender within an hour

Uber Made Its Homegrown AI Language Open Source, but Not Entirely out of Altruism

Smart trucking startup CargoX raises $20M

Tencent is reportedly testing its own autonomous driving system

Renault shows off self-driving car that can avoid obstacles as well as pro test drivers

Waymo Will Be First to Test Robo-Taxis Without Safety Drivers on Regular Americans

Waymo’s Autonomous Cars Cut Out Human Drivers in Road Tests

Waymo now testing its self-driving cars on public roads with no one at the wheel

Waymo’s first product will be its own on-demand ride hailing service

The End of the Automotive Era

Robots and a New “New Deal”

Andrew Ng Wants a New “New Deal” to Combat Job Automation

Robot Startups

A.I. Researchers Leave Elon Musk Lab to Begin Robotics Start-Up

Robot Decision-Making

How Artificial Intelligence Can Explain Unconscious Decision-Making

Robot Misinformation

AI Could Set Us Back 100 Years When It Comes to How We Consume News

Robot Skills

Robot takes an elevator

Urban Robots

Automation Will Make Megacities Grow Way Faster

Robot Lawyers

This Chatbot Will Help You Sue Anyone

Robot Workers

Could the AI Talent Shortage Be Eased By Tech Giants Learning to Share?

Building A.I. That Can Build A.I.

Is Technology About to Decimate White-Collar Work?

Robot Bosses

Everyone Wants to Run an AI Company

Robots and Politicians

Politicians Aren’t Talking About the Biggest Challenge to the Labor Market

Robot Biases

New Research Aims to Solve the Problem of AI Bias in “Black Box” Algorithms

Robot Manufacturing

These AI Hotshots Plan to Reboot Manufacturing by Jumping Inside Robots

Tesla acquires automated manufacturing machine supplier Perbix

Robot Partnerships

More Evidence That Humans and Machines Are Better When They Team Up

Robot Photography

AI is taking photo enhancement to new extremes

Robot Language and Storytelling

Every Spreadsheet Has a Narrative to Tell – Just Add Some AI

Robot Imagination

Yibiao Zhao Is Giving Machines a Sense of Imagination

Controlling Robots

Want to Really Teach a Robot? Command It With VR

Robot Intelligence

Despite All Our Fancy AI, Solving Intelligence Remains “the Greatest Problem in Science”

For Brain-Computer Interfaces to Be Useful, They’ll Need to Be Wireless

Robby the Robot

Original Robby the Robot suit up for auction

Ray Kurzweil is Full of Shit

Google’s AI guru predicts humans and machines will merge within 20 years

Future of Artificial Intelligence and its Impact on Society

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The History of the Future of Intelligent Machines

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