Robots Are Coming For Your Job

800 million workers worldwide will lose their jobs to robots by 2030

Robots Could Force 375 Million People to Switch Occupations by 2030

The Robot Economy

A.I. Will Transform the Economy. But How Much, and How Soon?

Robots Are Eating the World

Ambient AI Is About to Devour the Software Industry

Robot Parents

Sophia, the world’s first robot citizen, wants a baby

Virtual infant BabyX prompts question: how do we feel about AI that looks so much like us?

Flying Robots

Drone Maker D.J.I. May Be Sending Data to China, U.S. Officials Say

UK drone users to sit safety tests under new law

Human pilot beats AI in drone race

Could Robotic Birds Lead to Safer Air Travel?

The U.K. Is Clamping Down on Drones

Driving Robots

Rebuking Uber Lawyers, Judge Delays Trade Secrets Trial

G.M. Unveils Its Driverless Cars, Aiming to Lead the Pack

Yandex takes its self-driving test cars out for a spin in the snow

Waymo racks up 4 million self-driven miles

Waymo Seeks Delay in Court Fight With Uber Over Trade Secrets

Military Robots

The U.S. Risks Falling Behind Russia and China in Its Use of AI in the Military

Robot Death Panels

A New Algorithm Identifies Candidates for Palliative Care by Predicting When Patients Will Die

Robot Video Game Designers

AI Is Dreaming Up New Kinds of Video Games

Robot Surveillance

A Lightweight AI Could Stop Strangers from Spying on Your Smartphone

Robot Presidents

Putting a super-advanced Lincolnbot through his paces

Robot Claws

This Robot Picks Up Groceries It’s Never Seen Before Using Its Little Suction Cup

Robot Restaurants (and Religion)

What’s in a Scarf? A Robot Restaurant in Bangladesh Serves up Controversy

Robot Construction Workers

How Do You Get a House in a Steep Valley Forest Online? With a Drone

Amazon’s Robots

Competition in the AI Cloud Is Heating Up, and Amazon Just Made a Big Move

Winemaking Robots

Wine Robots Are Rolling Into Europe’s Swankiest Vineyards

Fighting Robots

Fighting robots, as fast as the eye can see

Robot Teachers

Ask About AI: The Future of Learning and Work

Studying Artificial Intelligence At New York University

Against the 3A’s of EdTech: AI, Analytics, and Adaptive Technologies in Education

Robots Get an ‘Undo’ Button That Could Help Them Learn Faster

Robot Therapists

Facebook rolls out AI to detect suicidal posts before they’re reported

Robot Translators

Artificial Intelligence Can Translate Languages Without a Dictionary

Robot Recruiters

An AI Recruiter Could Find You Your Next Job

Robot Journalists

How Reuters’s Revolutionary AI System Gathers Global News

Robot Brains

Monkeys controlling robot arms with their minds show how brains can be reprogrammed

Living with Robots

In Estonia, planning for life alongside robots

Pleading with Robots

Dear Future AI Overlords: Here Are Some Reasons Not to Kill Us

Robot Storytelling

Progress in AI isn’t as Impressive as You Might Think

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The History of the Future of Intelligent Machines

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