Robots Are Coming For Your Jobs

Artificial Intelligence, Schooling, & Tomorrow’s Jobs

Automation Will Create More Jobs Than It Will Eliminate, Analyst Says

Robots Won’t Save the U.K. from a Brexit Labor Shortage

Robot Presidents

Killer Robots

Slaughterbots: swarming killer drones powered by AI

Flying Robots

Meet One of the Stealthiest Drones Ever Built

Robot Drivers

To Save Lives, Self-Driving Cars Must Become the Ultimate Defensive Drivers

Flying Cars vs. Self-Driving Cars

China Is Opening Up City Roads for Driverless Cars

Facebook’s Robots

Facebook’s AI Will Tell You When Any Picture of Your Face Gets Uploaded

Microsoft’s Robots

Microsoft is Expanding “AI for Earth” Program to Fight Climate Change

Robot Poker Players

Carnegie Mellon’s ‘Superhuman AI’ bests leading Texas Hold’em poker pros

Robot Doctors

An AI-Equipped Microscope Can Diagnose Deadly Blood Infections

Can “RoboSperm” Really Be Used to Fight Cervical Cancer?

Robots and Tax Reform

Tax Reform Could Spur U.S. Adoption of Automated Systems

Robot Restauranteurs

Robots Are Making Your Sushi, and That’s Good for the Economy

Robot Teachers

Artificial intelligence school inspections face resistance

10 uses for Chatbots in learning

Robot Students

A Robot Goes to College

This Robot Is Learning from Humans through Virtual Reality

Robot Reporters

Automation Is Creeping into Journalism, but Human Reporters Don’t Have Much to Fear (Yet)

Robots in the Home

Kuri the adorable home robot starts shipping to pre-order customers

Robots DJs

I Wouldn’t Dance to This Dumb DJ Robot

Robot “Sweat”

The University of Tokyo Has Built a Robot That Sweats While Exercising

This humanoid robot works out (and sweats) like we do (or should)

Robots and Recycling

China’s Ban On “Foreign Waste” May Aid the Spread of AI in the US

Racist Robots (or rather, Our Racist Imaginations about Robots)

What Siri and Alexa might look like, according to artists

Robot Fears

Silicon Valley Is Turning Into Its Own Worst Fear

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The History of the Future of Intelligent Machines

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