Robots Are Coming For Your Jobs

Tech companies should stop pretending AI won’t destroy jobs

Retraining may be the best way to ease impending tech-driven job losses

This Robot Can Pick Up Objects and Recognize What They Are

Respecting Robots

Should We Respect Our Robots?

“Good Robots”

Good News: A.I. Is Getting Cheaper. That’s Also Bad News.

Driving Robots

The Car of the Future Will Sell Your Data

The Laser Maps Behind Cadillac’s Superb Self-Driving Skills

The race to map the world for autonomous cars is on – and messy

Expect the Unexpected: How to Test Autonomous Cars for Real-World Situations

Volkswagen Teases Their I.D. Brand’s First Fully Autonomous Car Concept

Sony Corp. to launch an AI-based taxi-hailing service in Japan

Flying Robots

As Drones Become Tools of War, Companies Turn to Hacking Them

Look out for the flying “Jurassic World” Pteranodon drone

Talking Robots

If chatbots are going to get better, they might need to offend you

Moving Robots

Snakelike Skin Gives a Robot the Power to Crawl

Training Robots

This Computer Uses Light – Not Electricity – To Train AI Algorithms

New York’s Robots

The Big Apple is getting tough on biased AI

Amazon’s Robots

Why We May Soon Be Living in Alexa’s World

This heated jacket uses AI, Alexa, and other buzzwords to keep you perfectly snug

Here’s how to make Alexa control a toilet – because why not?

Tesla’s Robots

Elon Musk’s Departure From OpenAI’s Board Might Mean Big Things for Tesla

Elon Musk leaves board of AI safety group to avoid conflict of interest with Tesla

Google’s Robots

Google Must Be Stopped Before It Becomes an AI Monopoly

Why A.I. Researchers at Google Got Desks Next to the Boss

Google’s new AI algorithm predicts heart disease by looking at your eyes

Microsoft’s Robots

Microsoft and Xiaomi to collaborate on AI, cloud computing and hardware

Robot Olympians

MVPs at the Pyeongchang Games: Robots

Robot Tailors

Dystopian Robot Tailor Makes Terrible Shirts

Robot Teachers

Artificial Intelligence Is Coming. What Should We Teach?

Robot Doctors

New Nanobots Kill Cancerous Tumors by Cutting off Their Blood Supply

Cognoa’s AI platform for autism diagnosis gets first FDA stamp

Tiny Robots May One Day Keep Us Healthy From the Inside Out

Robot Cosmetologists

This startup wants to use AI to prove that it knows your skin

“Intelligent” Robots

Why even a moth’s brain is smarter than an AI

Robot Cybersecurity (and Cybercriminals)

The Malicious Use of Artificial Intelligence: Forecasting, Prevention, and Mitigation

AI is learning how to spot risky websites for you

AI time bombs could sneak cyberattacks past watchful eyes

Robot Critics

AI: the Ziggy Stardust Syndrome

Robot Secrecy

The “Black Mirror” scenarios that are leading some experts to call for more secrecy on AI

Robot Researchers

Why Artificial Intelligence Researchers Should Be More Paranoid

Robot PR

Hypergiant helps big brands look beyond the AI buzzwords

Humans versus Robots (in Staged Battles that Tech Journalists Love to Fawn Over)

Watch a Human Try to Fight Off That Door-Opening Robot Dog

Humans sow seeds of destruction by abusing poor robot just trying to walk through a door

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