Robot Religion

A Short History of Technology Worship

Mind-Reading Robots

What Are YOU Looking At? Mind-Reading AI Knows

Robots Are Coming For Your Jobs

AI will create new jobs but skills must shift, say tech giants

Survey: In an AI World, Retraining Will Come from Employers, Not Higher Ed

Robot Cops

New Crime-Predicting AI May Be Prone to Bias Just Like Humans

Robot Doctors

“you are dying of kidney failure” – a lesson about AI BS

Using AI to Help Stroke Victims When ‘Time Is Brain’

How Flight Simulation Tech Can Help Turn Robots Into Surgeons

Robot Drivers

Want to Ride in a Self-Driving Car? This Is What It’s Like.

Self-Driving Cars Are Smart, But Car Washes Stump Them

California green lights fully driverless cars for testing on public roads

Soon California’s Autonomous Cars Will Drive All on Their Own

In California, autonomous cars are about to start cruising without a safety driver

Ford’s Miami Self-Driving Cars Will Tackle the Tricky Bits

Hyundai’s Self-Driving Car Masters the Oh-So-Human Roundabout

Toyota Is Launching a $2.8 Billion Self-Driving Car Company

A Chinese carmaker hopes a $9 billion slice of Daimler will help it go electric and autonomous

Waymo 360-degree video shows how autonomous vehicles work

Flying Robots

Drones Help Bring Back Electricity in Puerto Rico

Drone footage of Ohio River flooding

Could Nodes and Drones Be the Future of Water Conservation?

Edgybees raises $5.5M to bring better AR to cars and drones

Robot Astronaut Assistants

A Robotic Virtual Assistant Is Heading to the ISS

Dancing Robots

Sensors and AI Could Lead to Instruments Controlled by Dancing

Robot Baristas

Robot baristas can make coffee – but that doesn’t mean people have to like them

Robot Filmmakers

A new AI creates original video clips from text cues

Personal Cargo Robots

The Cute Robot That Follows You Around the City

Robot Bricklayers

Bot the builder: the robot that will replace bricklayers

Robot Carpenters

A simple robo-carpenter can make you some flat-pack furniture

Amazon’s Robots

Inside the Alexa Prize

Alexa briefly lost its voice amid widespread Amazon Web Services outage

Amazon is trying to make Alexa more chatty – but it’s very, very difficult

Amazon will now pay Alexa developers for top-performing skills for kids

Microsoft’s Robots

Microsoft advances several of its hosted artificial intelligence algorithms

Google’s Robots

Learn with Google AI: Making ML education available to everyone

Factory Robots

From the factory floor to the OR, robots can make great teammates

Robo-logistics company Magazino raises $25M for its warehouse bots

Robot Lawyers

The Verdict Is In: AI Outperforms Human Lawyers in Reviewing Legal Documents

Robot Gamers

AI can beat us at games – but sometimes, that’s by cheating

Robot Cameras

The Sublime and Scary Future of Cameras With A.I. Brains

Lighthouse AI’s security camera knows who you are, and when you’re home

Google’s AI-powered Clips smart camera is now available

AI Cameras Are Here. Here Are Three Ways We Could Use Them.

Robot Teachers

Assessing the dangers of AI applications in education

There’s a new way to have robots learn from their mistakes

DeepMind’s new robots learned how to teach themselves

If You Want a Robot to Stop Screwing Up, Hold Its Hand

New Algorithm Lets AI Learn From Mistakes, Become a Little More Human


AI, Algorithms and What Should We All Be Thinking About?

Robot Insurance Agents

How AI-Driven Insurance Could Reduce Gun Violence

Robot Real Estate Agents

Your Next Real Estate Agent Might Be a Robot

Robot Skiers

These robotic skiers hit the slopes in style

Regulating Robots

To Kick Bots off Social Media, Congress Might Have to Get Involved

Quantum Robots

AI Will Lead the Charge Developing Quantum Computers

Soft Robots

We Now Have Soft Robots With a Sense of Touch. But Why?

Internet of Robotic Things

Can a headphone company pivot to AI?

Robot Commandments

Top priest shares ‘The Ten Commandments of A.I.’ for ethical computing

Robot “Consciousness”

Secretive Robots

Making AI More Secret Could Prevent Us From Making It Better

Shitty Robots

Simone “Shitty Robots” Giertz hunts a robot and eats its tofu

Audrey Watters


The History of the Future of Intelligent Machines

A Hack Education Project

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