Robot Drivers

Uber settles with victim’s family after fatal self-driving car crash

Uber scaled back the number of sensors on its self-driving cars: report

Uber Ordered to Take Its Self-Driving Cars Off Arizona Roads

Uber won’t renew its permit to test self-driving cars in California

Executive Who Sold Self-Driving Truck Start-Up to Uber Departs

The Uber Crash Won’t Be the Last Shocking Self-Driving Death

Tesla defends Autopilot after fatal Model X crash

Tesla’s Autopilot Was Involved in Another Deadly Car Crash

Tesla is overusing automation in Model 3 final assembly, analysts say

Waymo Plans to Deploy The Largest Fleet of Autonomous Vehicles by 2020

Waymo, a Google Spinoff, Ramps Up Its Driverless-Car Effort

Waymo Expands Its Robo-Fleet with Electric Jaguar SUVs

Alphabet’s moonshot chief: Regulating driverless cars demands testing the “smarts” of the systems

Scotty Labs raises $6 million for remote-controlled autonomous car platform

Nvidia suspends self-driving car tests in wake of Uber crash

Some Easy Things We Could Do to Make All Autonomous Cars Safer

Arizona Won’t Be the Last Place to Micromanage Robocars

Self-driving pods could be the (boring) future of urban transport

The Self-Driving Car Industry’s Biggest Turning Point Yet

Letting Go of the Wheel: 75 Years of Sentient Vehicles

Forget Self Driving. The Future is in Self Parking

Flying Robots

Chinese police foil drone-flying phone smugglers at Hong Kong border

Drones help connect the dots on math, coding concepts

Robot Farmers

Alphabet X is exploring new ways to use AI in food production

Robot Surgeons

Monarch is a new platform from surgical robot pioneer Frederic Moll

Robot Photographers

Photographing a Robot Isn’t Just Point and Shoot

A robotic camera system films sports like a human

Robot Teachers

Cornell Researchers Use AI to Understand Students’ Math Struggles

Before considering AI, districts must get their data houses in order

How Could Artificial Intelligence Shape the Future of Higher Education?

Robot Skiers

Roam debuts a robotic exoskeleton for skiers

Robot Astronomers

Astronomers use artificial intelligence to spot 6,000 new craters on the Moon

Robot Chemists

AI can invent new ways to create complex molecules

Robot Biologists

Lightweight robo-coat for sea creatures could track habits without interfering

Facial Recognition Robots

Facial recognition AIs have a hard time with dark skin

Robot Bullies

A robot’s biggest challenge? Teenage bullies.

China’s Robots

China’s AI wizards want to entertain you, cure you, and dominate the world

Microsoft’s Robots

Microsoft is launching a huge reorganization to focus on AI and the cloud

Microsoft’s neo-Nazi sexbot was a great lesson for makers of AI assistants

Amazon’s Robots

More Alexa-enabled lamps are coming

IBM’s Robots

IBM’s Dario Gil says quantum computing promises to accelerate AI

Pacific Rim’s Robots

Pacific Rim’s Robots Are Less Advanced Than Some of Today’s Real Robots

Robot Security

To protect artificial intelligence from attacks, show it fake data

JASK and the future of autonomous cybersecurity

Robot Creativity

Adobe bets that AI tools can foster real creativity

Robot Dexterity

This is the most dexterous robot ever created

Robot “Diversity”

For better AI, diversify the people building it

The startup diversifying the AI workforce beyond just “techies”

“Bio-Inspired” Robots

Festo’s latest bio-inspired creations are a robo-bat and rolling robo-spider

Robot Grief

On the psychological value of “griefbots”

Robot Romance

Will Smith gets friendzoned by Sophia the human-like robot

Robots Are Spying on Your at Work

These AI Tools Want To Make Sure You Have Friends At Work

Robots Are Coming For Your Jobs

AI is rapidly changing the types and location of the best-paying jobs

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