Military Robots

Leading AI researchers threaten Korean university with boycott over its work on “killer robots”

Google Should Not Help the U.S. Military Build Unaccountable AI Systems

“The Business of War”: Google Employees Protest Work for the Pentagon

Robot Drivers

The Bright, Shiny Distraction of Self-Driving Cars

Tesla’s Autopilot Was Involved in Another Deadly Car Crash

California DMV has new regulations for self-driving car companies

Self-driving trucks are coming – and this law just made things even worse for truckers

What’s More Dangerous Than a Human Driving a Car? A Bored Human Not Driving an AV.

Flying Robots

Russia Debuts Postal Drone, Which Immediately Crashes Into Wall

DARPA wants new ideas for autonomous drone swarms

Schools Offering Drone Programs, but Learning to Fly Is Just the Start

Robot Doctors

AI Will Change Radiology, but It Won’t Replace Radiologists

Robot Bakers

Persistent Man Learns the Basics of Robotics to Build a Cake Baking Robot

Robot Journalists

A New AI “Journalist” Is Rewriting the News to Remove Bias

Why AI isn’t going to solve Facebook’s fake news problem

Warehouse Robots

Fetch adds two new robots to its warehouse automation army

6 River Systems raises $25 million for warehouse robots

Retail Robots

Retailers Race Against Amazon to Automate Stores

Robot “Brains”

Elon Musk’s Neuralink Sought to Open an Animal Testing Facility in San Francisco

Mini Brains Just Got Creepier – They’re Growing Their Own Veins

How babies learn – and why robots can’t compete

Amazon’s Robots

Hey, Alexa, What Can You Hear? And What Will You Do With It?

Google’s Robots

Google Turns to Users to Improve Its AI Chops Outside the US

Already “AI first,” Google just decided to up the algorithmic ante

Google AI and search chief John Giannandrea steps down

Google veteran Jeff Dean takes over as company’s AI chief

Google’s talking AI is indistinguishable from humans

Apple’s Robots

Apple Hires Google’s A.I. Chief

Walmart’s Robots

Walmart’s Future Workforce: Robots and Freelancers

Estonia’s Robots

From AI to Russia, Here’s How Estonia’s President Is Planning for the Future

France’s Robots

Badly implemented AI could “jeopardize democracy,” says French president Emmanuel Macron

Robots Are Coming for Your Jobs

AI and robots will destroy fewer jobs than previously feared, says new OECD report

automation + capitalism = a perfect storm

Robots Are Coming for Your Children

Now you can use your Echo to call the kids for dinner

Robot Definitions

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Robot Ethics

Should AI Researchers Kill People?

We can train AI to identify good and evil, and then use it to teach us morality (No. We can’t.)

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