Military Robots

The future of war will be fought by machines, but will humans still be in charge?

AI Could Start A Nuclear War. But Only If We Let AI Start A Nuclear War

The Military Just Created An AI That Learned How To Program Software

What Happens When Your Bomb-Defusing Robot Becomes a Weapon

Police Robots

Police body cameras could be about to get an AI upgrade

Axon’s Ethics Board Must Keep the Company in Check

Axon launches AI ethics board to study the dangers of facial recognition

A pioneer in predictive policing is starting a troubling new project

Robot Spies

CIA plans to replace spies with AI

Elon Musk’s Robots

Will Elon Musk give us the cyborg dragon we want, or the one we need?

Amazon’s Robots

Amazon is reportedly working on a home robot

Google’s Robots

Google’s Sergey Brin warns of the threat from AI in today’s ‘technology renaissance’

Google Cofounder Sergey Brin Warns of AI’s Dark Side

Google is giving Gmail an AI makeover

German Robots

German Leader Angela Merkel Still Way Too Friendly With Robots

Japanese Robots

Robots are going to redefine Japan’s skylines

British Robots

It’ll Take More Than $1.4 Billion to Make the UK the World Leader in AI

Robot Doctors

AI that detects cardiac arrests during emergency calls will be tested across Europe this summer

Flying Robots

Drones are about to start mapping the Great Wall of China in incredible detail

Driving Robots

For a Much-Needed Win, Self-Driving Cars Should Aim Lower

This startup hopes to keep barf bags out of self-driving cars

Teaching Robots

Robotics is bringing Betsy DeVos to Detroit for the first time as education secretary

Teaching in the Era of Bots: Students Need Humans Now More Than Ever

Robot Photographers

A.I. reconstructs incomplete photos

Robot Poets

AI is a poet, and knows it

Robot Meteorologists

Robot-deployed balloons are taking over for humans at remote weather stations

Museum Robots

Pepper the Robot is working at the Smithsonian for free

Biped Robots

The Lab Making Robots Walk Through Fire and Ride Segways

Robot Roaches

AI helps grow 6 billion roaches at China’s largest breeding site

Robot Regulations

No need to regulate robots say peers

“Everything You Need to Know about Robots”

One 30-page document contains everything you need to know about AI

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The History of the Future of Intelligent Machines

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