Military Robots

Boston Dynamics’ Robot Dog Will Be Available Next Year

You’ll Be Able to Buy a Boston Dynamics SpotMini Soon, Please Don’t Teach It To Kill

The Boston Dynamics bipedal robot can run now

Boston Dynamics’ robots are learning how to run outside and navigate autonomously

Subliminal Robots

Researchers show Siri and Alexa can be exploited with ‘silent’ commands hidden in songs

Google’s Robots

Google Strikes Humble Tone While Promoting A.I. Technology

AI is so important to Google it’s rebranding its research division

Google’s AI sounds like a human on the phone – should we be worried?

Google Duplex Puts AI Into a Social Uncanny Valley

Google now says controversial AI voice calling system will identify itself to humans

A Google Assistant update will teach kids to say ‘please’

Google just announced an AI bot that could change teaching & learning…. consequences are both exciting & terrifying…

Google made a fun AI-powered emoji scavenger hunt that you can play on your phone

Google Lens actually shows how AI can make life easier

Android co-creator isn’t sure whether robots will adopt a single platform

Robot Universities

Robot U: The First American A.I. Undergrad Program is Here, and Already Incredibly Elite

Carnegie Mellon is set to offer the first undergrad AI degree in the US

Robot Video Games

Artificial Intelligence Is Making Video Game Levels So Good That Even Other AI Thinks They’re Man-Made

AI generates new Doom levels for humans to play

India’s Robots

India has an AI plan – but it’s a long way from catching up with China and the US

Flying Robots

Microsoft and DJI team up to bring smarter drones to the enterprise

An engineer modded a drone to rescue this puppy

Trump administration approves 10 new drone projects around the country

An AI learns to spot tree species, with help from a drone

Robot Drivers

Inside Waymo’s strategy to grow the best brains for self-driving cars

Self-driving cars are useless without specialized maps – this invention could free them’s Self-Driving Cars Cruise Past Competitors

Uber will resume testing self-driving cars in ‘a few months,’ CEO says

AI program gets really good at navigation by developing a brain-like GPS system

Robot Doctors

Can This AI-Powered Baby Translator Help Diagnose Autism?

AI Created Complete 3D Models Of Cells So Doctors See How Diseases Change Them

Robot Vloggers

when AIs start vlogging

Trump Administration Robots

The Trump Administration Plays Catch-Up on Artificial Intelligence

The Trump administration is developing a weird love-hate relationship with AI

Humans versus Robots

Service Workers Forced to Act Like Robots Meet Their Match

An AI speed test shows clever coders can still beat tech giants like Google and Intel

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The History of the Future of Intelligent Machines

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