Driving Robots

Bonnie and Clyde’s getaway car has hidden lessons for cops in the self-driving vehicle era

Emergency Braking Was Disabled When Self-Driving Uber Killed Woman, Report Says

Uber self-driving car saw pedestrian but didn’t brake before fatal crash, feds say

Uber ends self-driving operation in Arizona

Tesla settles class action suit over Autopilot claims for $5M

Apple gets into the autonomous-vehicle race … sort of

Lots of Lobbies and Zero Zombies: How Self-Driving Cars Will Reshape Cities

The AI in your non-autonomous car

A Classical Math Problem Gets Pulled Into Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving car crashes put a dent in consumer trust, poll says

Military Robots

The US military is funding an effort to catch deepfakes and other AI trickery

Microsoft’s Robots

Microsoft also has an AI bot that makes phone calls to humans

Microsoft acquires AI company to make Cortana and bots sound more human

Microsoft is creating an oracle for catching biased AI algorithms

Microsoft Announces Tool To Catch Biased AI Because We Keep Making Biased AI

IBM’s Robots

IBM plans to hire 1,800 people in France for blockchain and AI

“Wrong” about Robots

Eric Schmidt says Elon Musk is ‘exactly wrong’ about AI

Flying Robots

MIT Engineers Build VR System to Train Racer Drones

Do drones need sweaters? Plus: drone dating

Undersea Robots

A robot found the “holy grail of shipwrecks” containing billions of dollars in cargo

Talking Robots

AI Chatbots Try to Schedule Meetings – Without Enraging Us

Robot Doctors

Automated Health Care Offers Freedom from Shame, But Is It What Patients Need?

The UK wants to build a cancer-diagnosing AI to save lives

Another AI-powered device gets the FDA’s blessing

Demolition Robots

In the future, demolition robots like this will destroy everything

Robot Chemists and Physicists

Scientists Are Using AI to Painstakingly Assemble Single Atoms

Cute, Brainless, Self-Propelled Robots Could Someday Move Around Inside Animals

Robot Nerves

These Hyper-Sensitive Fibers Might Stand In As Robot Nerves

Robot Skin

New Soft Robotic Skin Automatically Heals Itself, Even If You Shoot It Full Of Holes

Identifying Robots

Should AI Always Identify Itself? It’s more complicated than you might think.

Debugging Robots

Debugging AI is a “hard problem”

Animal-Inspired Robots

Watch These Animal-Inspired Robots Find Their Footing

Robot Farmers

This Robotic Pollinator Is Like a Huge Bee With Wheels and an Arm

Robots Shooting Jets Of Pesticides Could Cut Back On How Much Weedkiller We Use

Weed-killing robots are threatening giant chemical companies’ business models

Robots Are Coming For Your Jobs

Robot worries could cause a 50,000-worker strike in Las Vegas

Robots’ Futures

The Future of AI Depends on High-School Girls

Robots’ Rights

Should Bots Have a Right to Free Speech? This Non-Profit Thinks So.

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