Robot Warfare

In Army of None, a field guide to the coming world of autonomous warfare

Driving Robots

Uber Self-Driving Car Operator Was Watching Hulu When the Car Struck and Killed a Pedestrian

Crash-Happy RC Cars Make Self-Driving Tech Smarter

Self-driving cars could make urban traffic jams worse

Phoenix will no longer be Phoenix if Waymo’s driverless-car experiment succeeds

Delivery Robots

Kroger is turning to autonomous cars to solve the last-mile problem for groceries

Space Robots

The Floating Robot With an IBM Brain Is Headed to Space

Amazon’s Robots

The case against teaching kids to be polite to Alexa

Teacher’s Aide or Surveillance Nightmare? Alexa Hits the Classroom

Google’s Robots

Google demos Duplex, its AI that sounds exactly like a very weird, nice human

Yes, Google’s Phone-Calling AI Is Cool. But Why Does It Exist? (My guess is so that tech evangelists can write stupid articles promoting Google products)

Robot Surveillance

This Japanese AI security camera shows the future of surveillance will be automated

Robot Home Security

Can Artificial Intelligence Keep Your Home Secure?

Robot Home Assistants

Poll Shows Americans Shun Physical Robots But Welcome Smart Home Assistants

Robot Bankers

Pepper the robot gets a job at HSBC Bank in New York

Robot Teachers

9 ways to use Artificial Intelligence in education

AI and Assessment

Advertising Robots

RIP Asimo, You Useless Robotic Honda Ad

Game-Playing Robots

AI bots trained for 180 years a day to beat humans at Dota 2

A team of AI algorithms just crushed humans in a complex computer game

Stunt Double Robots

Disney Imagineering has created autonomous robot stunt doubles

Bipedal Robots

Researchers train bipedal robots to step lightly over rough terrain

Robot Appendages

Pain Is Weird. Making Bionic Arms Feel Pain Is Even Weirder

Copycat Robots

How Roboticists Are Copying Nature to Make Fantastical Machines

Robots Are Coming For Your Jobs

Robots or Job Training: Manufacturers Grapple With How to Improve Their Economic Fortunes

Robot Souls

Artificial Consciousness: How To Give A Robot A Soul

Robot Revolutions

This is how the robot uprising finally begins

Robot Zealotry

AI and religious zealotry – let’s not fall for anthropomorphism, techno-prophecies, singularity & end-of-days

Audrey Watters


The History of the Future of Intelligent Machines

A Hack Education Project

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